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Afriski Race Club

 is a non-profit organisation to give people with a passion for ski racing a vehicle to organise racing, develop the sport, socialize with other racers and have fun.


Club History

Wessel Bosman (Snr) persevered and started the Afriski Resort which became operational in 2004.

The first Kings Cup Race was organised by the resort in 2006 and was a parallel race as there was no timing equipment, Peter Schultes (Schultes Sports) in Jerzens, Austria then donated timing equipment.

The club was started in 2009 by a group of friends who loved skiing and the camaraderie of training and racing together. They got instruction from Rudi Tangl who was a Ski Instructor from Austria sent to train Ski Instructors and start the Ski School.

The training group decided to come to a formal arrangement with the Afriski Resort. The founding members were William Harmsen (chairman), Rudi Tangl (Co-chairman), Atsushi Hirata (Treasurer), Debbie Harmsen (Treasurer), Karien Veldsman (Secretary), Phillip Theron (Development Officer) and Oliver Schwankhart (Executive Member). Oliver Schwankhart gave the race club assistance and permission to train and race at the resort. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 Afriski Race Club won the Kings Cup Club Championships. After that the Club Championship were not held again.

The Grand Prix Series of Races started in 2010 and was started to give local skiers more exposure to Alpine Slalom racing. The events were very successful and continued until 2014 when club was unaffiliated by Snow Sports South Africa. In 2015 the King's Cup was organised by Club Vice Chairman Warwick Goosen.

In 2016 William Harmsen, Neil Bornman (Captain of South African Airline Ski Team) and Fay Benzinger Wilson decided to start organising Alpine races at Afriski again. In 2016 a Racing and Training camp was held. The event was hugely successful and it had a 4 day schedule consisting of slalom and giant slalom racing and training. In 2017 Afriski Race Club, South African Airline Ski Team and Fay Benzinger Wilson again combined their efforts to organise the Maluti Ski Challenge. The Maluti Ski Challenge had an international contingent with a Croatia and Emirates Airline Ski team both attending.

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